Privacy Policy

Privacy policy of Nissei Company, Ltd.

We protect the information which can identify an individual (hereinafter “personal information”) as follows:

  1. We comply with applicable laws, regulations and other statute to protect personal information.
  2. If we collect or ask for personal information for our business, we will inform you of the purpose and only practice within the scope appropriate to the purpose which you have agreed.
  3. If we provide or disclose personal information to the outside for our business, we will inform you of the purpose and only practice within the necessary scope which you have agreed. We will not provide or disclose personal information to a third party for any other purpose, or unless required by any laws or legally binding orders.
  4. We will take necessary actions to prevent leakage, loss or damage of personal information and for proper control. Also, we will make efforts to prevent unauthorized access to the system or data containing personal information.
  5. If we outsource any work handling personal information, we will have a written contract with the outsourcee specifying prohibition of subcontract, disclosure to a third party, or prohibition of the use for any other purpose.
  6. We will assign a responsible person for proper control of personal information and practice education or training of our directors and employees.
  7. If you wish us to inform, disclose, correct, eliminate or stop using the personal information you have provided, we will respond to your request within reasonable scope. In connection with the above, we may contact you for proof of identity before we respond to your request.
  8. We will continuously review and revise our privacy policy as necessary.


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