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About our website

Protection of personal information

  1. We will use personal information posted on this website for the purpose of mailing printed matters or other letters or sending our announcements by e-mail.
  2. Without your prior consent, we will not use personal information (name, address, phone number, e-mail etc.) posted on this website for direct marketing or tracking study, or disclose, sell or lend such personal information to a third party. However, we may disclose personal information without your consent, if required by any applicable laws or regulations, or orders from public agencies including court and police.
  3. We may freely use and disclose to a third party statistical (e.g. geographical, age or gender) information which cannot identify an individual.
  4. For customers less than 16 years old, personal information should be provided on this website with their parental consent.
  5. It is your option to post personal information on this website. In the meantime, if any necessary information is not provided, we may not respond to your request.
  6. Please refer to “Privacy Policy”.


  1. Nissei holds all copyrights of the contents in this website, including trademarks, characters, images, photos, illustration, texts or software. Reproduction or use without our consent may be punished under the applicable law.


  1. Please send your e-mail to hp-csd-k@nissei-com.co.jp for any inquiries about this website.


Link to this website

  1. You can make a link to this website without notice.
  2. Please be sure to make a link to the top page < https://www.nissei-com.co.jp/en/ >
  3. Please use this banner for a link.

Contents of linked website

  1. We assume no responsibility for the contents and information of linked websites and the results brought from the linked websites.
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