Corporate Philosophy

Our basic policy
Become “Distinct No.1
Nissei has been specialized in the category of soft serve ice cream and recognized as No.1.
However, we are not yet fully satisfied with what we are now, but we will for ever continue the improvement in existing business fields and challenge to explore the new business fields to become
“No.1” in every possible fields.
Nissei connecting Japan to the world through “soft communication”
With our wishes to have more people enjoying our delicious and sound soft serve ice cream and frozen dessert, and to help our customers making more attractive stores, we have been working to produce better products in all sections and departments of the company. We have established credibility from our customers by persistent efforts and achievements since the foundation of the company.

Scope of business
Through our core business as the food industry, we will provide affluent food culture to all the people beyond generations and countries.
Social mission
We offer the products and service friendly to body and mind with safe and reliable quality based on our excellent technology and creativity.
Thus, we contribute to the development of a happy and wealthy society with full of smile.
Business attitude
Focusing on the customer satisfaction, we conduct more transparent corporate management from the long-term and global view points and continue to raise the corporate value with positive support from stakeholders i.e. customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, and the society.
Code of conduct
Think & Act
We “think” and “take prompt action” to correspond to the rapidly-changing modern society.

We adhere to laws and regulations and our basics “Plan, Do, Check and Action”.

We continue a challenge to goal with great vigor and persistence to overcome the difficulties.

We create and offer the products and service giving consumers a dream, including soft serve ice cream.

Ecological mind
Friendly to people and earth!
We pursue the harmony of society and environment.

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