Message from the President


Hiroshi Okayama


Nissei first introduced soft serve ice cream into Japan in 1951. Since then, we have strived with pride of the pioneer to penetrate soft serve ice cream in the Japanese market for about half a century. Today we are the only company in Japan which can supply all products related to soft serve ice cream, including cone cups, soft serve mix and freezers.

Through the technical tie-up with leading foreign manufacturers and our own technical development, we have attempted to make higher quality products and expand the lineup based on our policy of “high quality”,“safety” and “customer satisfaction”. At present, our product lineups include not only soft serve ice cream-related products, but also various items for foodservice industry and fruit preparation (fruit-based products). In addition, we have focused on quality control by adopting HACCP system and obtaining international standards certification for food safety and established our distinctive business know-how and customer service including integrated food hygiene control, planning proposal and maintenance.

Nissei will always adhere to our basic and permanent policy “Become Distinctive No.1” with all employees. We will continue to provide delicious, pleasant and fantastic products to consumers beyond generations and countries for affluent food culture. Moreover, we will pursue the harmony with society and environment through our business for happiness and health of you, your family and everyone on the earth.

Committing to our corporate philosophy “Nissei bridges Japan and the world through “SOFT COMMUNICATIONS”, we comply with laws, regulations, social norms and corporate morality. We conduct more transparent corporate management from the long-term and global view points and contribute to development of a happy and wealthy society with full of smile through our products and service friendly to mind and body.

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